BJP reaches out to Farmers Union in bid to counter growing RLD influence among UP Jats

In the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the consolidation of Jat votes in the western part of the state secured a massive victory for the BJP, but the party faces a challenge from the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), who got a new lease of life during the peasant unrest.

The BJP argues that not all the Jats are with the RLD, and it believes that the regional team, by forging an alliance with the Samajwadi party, is likely to win votes from Muslims as well.

“Traditionally, RLD is considered a Jat party. For the Muslim community, parties don’t matter as long as they can defeat the BJP. The fact that this region has neither the BSP nor the SP pushes Muslims to support the RLD. RLD benefited from farmers’ protest and the situation came out of it,” said Satyapal Singh, BJP MP from Bhagpat.

Singh says he believes the Bahujan Samaj party is not in a fight except for a few seats, and this leads to the conclusion that only SP can defeat the BJP.

“In the west of the UP, the SP does not exist except for a few areas with a Muslim majority, that’s why it had to make an alliance with the RLD,” the BJP leader stressed.

As the SP-RLD alliance changes its candidates in Chhaprauli and Siwalkhas constituencies in Bhagpat district as the Jats protest against the nomination of a Muslim candidate, the BJP believes the RLD has “very little say in the matter”. say” in the covenant.

“’RLD ki wahan chali nahi, SP ne candidate apna diya’. (SP dominated the candidate choice),” Singh said.

However, the BJP is also reaching out to influential Jat leaders. With the Bharatiya Kisan Union claiming they are neither pro nor anti-BJP, Singh says he believes the issue will be resolved before Election Day.

“The BKU is effective only in certain pockets and our leaders are reaching out to them. The Union says they are apolitical and have problems. I think they too will become neutral before the election,” said the top BJP official Singh thinks the Three Farm Bills were good for farmers.

The BJP leader also joked that the Jats will not forget that the SP government used to favor one caste and one religion.

“The favor of a caste and a community was so evident. There was no law or order in the state. What do people want? Safety and security for their children. Every community thinks the BJP has provided good governance,” Singh says.

The MP believes that the minimum support price (MSP) for sugarcane, which was once an issue during the elections, has been resolved to some extent. The MP believes that with the ban on rallies, the BJP has an advantage as it has already reached its voters during Jan Ashirwad Yatras and has a digital connection like no other party.

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