Arms control must be national

Michael Brannigan’s column “Has the pandemic made us more self-centered or less” on May 27 suggests that we are shifting from thoughts of “me” as an individual to thoughts of “us” as community. The Uvalde shooting comes to mind. People who shoot game, even with AR rifles, tie their right to the Second Amendment, but that right comes at significant cost. Our communities need changes in gun availability to reduce the cost of gun ownership measured in innocent, child and adult deaths. Yes, mental health is a major contributor to gun deaths. Unfortunately, there’s no way to successfully predict what sanity will lead to a gunshot wound in a church, store, or school. Can we stop tolerating these costs? Should gun owners be given carte blanche to buy AR rifles or modify their other guns to be automatic? Restricting these weapons will not stop all violence, but it will stop some of the most egregious actions. Come on guys. We can make a difference, but only if the regulations are national. No crossing status lines to get the products. We regulate other rights in areas such as religion. We do not allow polygamy or sexual abuse, even if a religion allows it. Let’s be real about guns.

Cathy Kushner

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