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A man draped in the Greek flag holds up a homemade sign with a cross stating ‘No to vaccines’ and ‘Repent’ at a rally to oppose mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in downtown ‘Athens, August 29. [Dimitris Kapantais/InTime News]

The recent anti-vaccination rallies in Athens and Thessaloniki were not the first of their kind, but they were the most important: from the usual attendance of a few dozen or even a few hundred demonstrators, they have grown to over a thousand – and it was still during the summer lull. The protesters were also more aggressive than usual, “creaming” the police with Molotov cocktails instead of incense.

The key weapon of deniers – both ideologically and materially – is the usual: saying ‘no’ to everything from the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to the use of masks, social distancing and vaccines. The vast majority – regardless of which faction of the movement they belong to – deny the coronavirus despite the 4 million people who have died from Covid-19 worldwide and its more than 14,000 victims in Greece. And where its existence is recognized, then it is explained as a plot by the world’s most cunning plotters to satisfy the age-old desire to get rid of Greeks and Greece and root Christianity out of Christendom by injecting microchips. that falsify human DNA in people’s arms.

The mathematics of death mean even less to them than scientific explanations. They just don’t believe in numbers. Their faith is invested in other things – Christ and the Virgin Mother, in theory at least, since their icons, along with massive crosses and Greek flags adorned with religious motifs, are part of their customary, embellished armor. recently a banner quoting the dictator. “I believe” by Georgios Papadopoulos. If they had thrown in a few images of Alexander the Great, their gatherings might have been mistaken for a typical gathering of “New Macedonians”. One can almost imagine it: the Macedonian king riding his steed Bucephalus next to Saint George on his horse, the second plunging his spear into the serpent and the first his sarissa in Bill Gates or George Sorros.

The verbal arsenal of deniers is littered with sexist vulgarity, divided between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and SYRIZA opposition leader Alexis Tsipras. Yet it also fails to convince some people that the real enemy is the failure of logic, religious fanaticism and intolerance, an aversion to science (which also stems from the machinations of the Plus Slyst) and theories. of the silly conspiracy.

The vehement denial of medical science and reality that we see in fanatic religious circles is not the only version of denial, but it is the only version that arose at the same time as Covid-19 – the others arose along the way. For a year and a half, priests from the ranks of the hierarchy of the Church of Greece have been waving the banners of revolt, imagining themselves in their lost minds as a certain modern monk Samuel defending the fortress of Kougi in Souli against the assault of barbarians. There are people in churches across the country who have never put on a mask, either because “Jesus saves” or because the priest forbade it. Not to mention the government, which still treats this part of society with childish gloves to this day – like voters instead of deniers.

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