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God Quest Bennett was born 30 years ago. His parents named him Jordan Micah Bennett, and that’s the name the software engineer/artificial intelligence researcher used legally until 2020, when he changed his name. He kept his father’s surname and added his mother’s maiden name for his middle name.

The name change had absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19, the pandemic that has turned the world upside down ever since, despite the widely held belief that there is an omnipresent, omniscient, omniscient God who created the universe, sitting in high, and reigns jealously. He had been pondering the idea since 2015, and in 2016 he published an article in which he replaced “the old concept of God with a modern concept: anything with human or higher intelligence”.

After careful consideration, it had occurred to him to redefine the “archaic” concept of god, which, for him, “is anything non-omniscient that has human intelligence and more.” “In other words, we are all gods. Once we have human intelligence or more, we are all gods,” he said. He was not satisfied with being only god, he wanted to put it on paper to inspire people not to believe that there is only one almighty deity.

Citing the bloody church drama of the late Kevin Smith that unfolded in Montego Bay last October, Bennett said family and religion that if people did not believe in this one deity, this would not have happened. They would not consider Smith as this biblical, all-powerful god. “If more people thought of themselves as mighty thinkers, mighty gods, I doubt this case would have made the headlines,” he surmised.

He said that when he went to have his name changed, the process “went smooth, no pushback, no inconvenience.” One employee, however, remarked that it was the first time she had seen God since working there. “But we always saw God in ourselves,” he said. family and religion, according to its definition. But, did his father agree?


“My father is quite militant so he opposed it… he ended up accepting it. It’s in the past now. And, “My mom was worried at first,” he shared. But it was a brief period of worry, “a few days”, he said. He elicited no extreme reactions from his friends and associates, and the general public did not accept him. Still, he had encounters with people who said he was flying into the face of God, but, “that normally comes from people who don’t know that I don’t subscribe to the concept of God’s worldview”, he said.

God Bennett is therefore an atheist, a man who does not believe in the existence of this all-powerful entity that we must praise, adore and obey. He does not subscribe to any religion or denomination, as religion is not even a benevolent movement, although some do charitable things. “But such churches can be replaced by much more useful paradigms,” he said. Family and religion.

He said, in essence, where there is religion, there is a lot of sadness, poverty, lack of education and underdevelopment. He was inspired by the example of Jamaica with its high number of churches coexisting with its high level of crime. “Generally, the trend is that the more religiosity, the more sadness”, and that’s why he redefines the concept of God.

Thus, he embraces and emanates “unbelief,” a term he said he coined. He doesn’t believe in anything from a religious point of view, because belief is accepting something without any supporting evidence. Therefore, religion has no proof of the existence of such an all-powerful deity, religion is based on faith, guesswork, and it is not science.

Science has its foundation in evidence. It can be questioned and tested. It holds true regardless of what you believe in, Bennett said, because it’s evidence. It cannot be tested, so there is no scientific proof that the Christian God and other almighty gods exist. So, salvation does not exist. “Today there is no scientific evidence of a Bible, etc., gods, creators of our universe, but normal humans are real candidates who can be described as gods,” he said. he postulated.

So who is God Bennett in the scheme of things? He said he is just another “developing” human being who has come out of the concept of evolution that can be explained scientifically. Essentially, we are all evolving gods, not beings that were created by a single deity. And what does he intend to accomplish by changing his name? He wants to provoke thought and inspire people to be deep thinkers.

“The only message I aim to achieve is that humans are gods and we are solely responsible for solving our own problems,” he asserted, effectively rejecting the messianic mentality of religion, such as we know it, in the unfolding universe. His existence and the hereafter are not in the hands of any messiah come or to come.

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