Alpha Sigma Tau puts student well-being first

(Photo courtesy of Alpha Sigma Tau) Women’s Wellness Week is an initiative started two years ago by the former president of Alpha Sigma Tau who wanted to encourage students to take the time to focus on their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Kyra Barry
Connector editor

For many students here at UMass Lowell, midterms are a looming threat of last minute studies. Many struggle with a flurry of quizzes and exams that test their abilities to maintain a balanced school life.

In September, the UMass Lowell Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau hosted events in the spirit of putting wellness first, especially for UMass Lowell students. Although, regardless of gender and ID, everyone can benefit from a bit of well-being in their life.

Women’s Wellness Week was an initiative started two years ago by the former President of Alpha Sigma Tau who wanted to encourage students to take the time to focus on their emotional, physical, mental well-being. and spiritual. Elizabeth Gacek, vice president of growth, said: “Like all sororities on campus, we each have a different philanthropic activity, but [Alpha Sigma Tau’s] philanthropy initiative is the well-being of women.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the event did not take place last year, but the sorority is hoping it will be an annual event, especially given its importance to students.

“I think we want to emphasize that it is so important to thrive in all aspects of life. You shouldn’t prioritize just one and let your sanity go by the wayside. Like, we really want to push women’s excellence. Excellence doesn’t just mean success in education or career, excellence means success in your friendships and relationships, relationships, kindness, respect.

Gacek’s personal favorite of the events that unfolded during Women’s Wellness Week, including an evening of yoga and an evening of journaling, was the panel discussion. “My favorite every time we host this event is always the women’s panel. … [We] spoke to three women from the UMass Lowell community. The panel has been set up in such a way that students can ask questions of any of its members in the style of an interview.

As a member of the UMass Lowell community, they serve as an example to students, exemplifying success. Some of the questions they highlighted were how to maintain a balance with all aspects of their lives, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental, especially during times of stress like the pandemic, as well as how to navigate as a woman nowadays. .

Panel members insist on taking time for yourself, which can seem difficult in our age when productivity seems to dominate every second of free time.

Alpha Sigma Tau encourages its members to take action to improve themselves and their communities, such as taking hours of community service in addition to their academic and sisterhood commitments.

Women’s Wellness Week is kind of philanthropic. For those looking for more Alpha Sigma Tau sponsored events, they have, in the past, supported Up Til ‘Dawn, although this year UMass Lowell has changed the Up Til’ Dawn format to now UMass Lowell for St. Jude.

As the semester progresses, the sorority may have another event focused on students and their mental health, once their recruitment is complete, while also focusing on developing their own members. They emphasize community and mutual support.

It’s tempting to let go of self-care habits, big or small, as studying and academic preparation takes up all of a student’s free time.

But that makes it all the more important for students to take the time to look after their own well-being, without fighting or feeling guilty if they find themselves in trouble, as this is counterproductive to maintaining their sanity. .

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