Academic Symposium Honoring Watchman Nee Held Virtually

The “Symposium Series on Passing the Torch of Learning – Watchman Nee Memorial Lecture” was sponsored by the Journal of Christianity Research in China Online.

This academic seminar was also co-organized by the Center for the Study of Christianity and China in Los Angeles, USA, and the Institute of Christianity and Chinese Culture at GETS Theological Seminary (Global Enrichment Theological Seminary) on November 5.

The lecture included 11 topics, the first four of which were “Education in Christian Schools and the Three Generations of the Nee Family”, “The Influence of Western Mission Education (the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions , the American Methodist Episcopal Mission and the Church of England Missionary Society) on Ni Yucheng’s Family and Watchman Nee’s Church View”, “Watchman Nee and the Financial Self-Sufficiency of Chinese Christianity” and “War, Mission and the End Times: Watchman Nee eschatology in the global local context”.

The seven on the left were “An exploration of the life and theological history of Watchman Nee”, “Seeing Watchman Nee and the local Church from two angles of the anti-Christian movement and the localization of Christianity”, “The debate between the ‘Contemporary Chinese Church and Nee’s Theory of ‘Spirit, Soul and Body'”, “The Literary Characteristics and Thoughts of Nee’s Hymns”, “A Preliminary Study of Nee’s Spiritual Thoughts”, “The Characteristics and Contributions of Nee’s Thoughts de Nee”, “The value of Nee’s views on the Bible from the point of view of Karl Barth”.

He has been attended by over 30 scholars in the field of religious studies.

Born in Fuzhou, Fujian, Nee was the first Chinese Christian to have a significant influence on Western Christians, and the initiator of the “Local Church” movement and calling on Chinese Protestant congregations to submit to socialist ideology. He emphasized a deep spiritual life for early Chinese Christians.

– Translated by Abigail Wu


Academic Symposium Honoring Watchman Nee Held Virtually

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