A tarot reading for 2022

TWH asked our resident tarot expert and editor, Star Bsutamonte, to give a spiritual look into the future and she took up the challenge. Star made our card of the week in the Pagan Community Notes. So we asked for a 12 month spiritual outlook for the coming year that might provide some useful pointers to guide us as we approach 2022. A different set was chosen for each month, with one card selected to provide insight. or a basic theme. for this month, similar to our Tarot of the week but more widely applied.

JanuaryEveryday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake, illustration by Elisabeth Alba, published by Llewellyn Publications

Card: Ace of Chopsticks

The first month of the calendar year is likely to offer opportunities that allow for the expression of creativity, the potential for financial success, and the reclaiming or reclaiming of power. Keep in mind that some pathways to success and forward momentum may have an expiration date and the ability to “strike while the iron is hot” will be paramount.

Conversely, failing to act or relinquishing the power to choose is unlikely to produce the desired results.

FebruaryAfrican American Tarot by Jamal B., work by Thomas Davis, edited by Lo Scarabeo

Map: Seven (7) of Cups

Unlike the previous month, February will likely be more introspective and focused on self-assessment and criticism. There may also be an undercurrent of commitment, dedication, and both the need and desire to wait for a fuller picture before taking action.

On the contrary, decisions and actions taken without good planning or real conviction can result in failure, loss or inability to move forward.

MarchTarot of Ostara by Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard and Julia Iredale, published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Map: Major Arcana, Le Fou (0)

The month of the Spring Equinox is likely to offer opportunities for new adventures for those who wish to shed the shackles of convention. While no choice is harmless, the ability to listen and trust inner guidance will likely be key to navigating through the month.

On the other hand, completely ignoring caution or ignoring warning signs can lead to challenges and obstacles that can be insurmountable or cause real damage.

AprilThe bohemian tarot of animals by Scott Alexander King, illustrations by Sharon McLeod, published by Rockpool Publishing

Map: Major Arcana, The Innocent (0)

If opportunities for adventure, new beginnings, and a fresh start have been missed in the past month, April can offer an unusual second chance. Expect the unexpected and dare to dream.

On the contrary, following one’s heart and desires can end up in unfamiliar and hostile territory for those who are less than pure in their intentions.

CanTarot du Peuple Chat by Karen Kuykendall, published by US Games Systems, Inc.

Map: Major Arcana, The Star (XVII)

The energy of the fifth month is likely to be more stable than the previous two months with an emphasis on balancing work and play, past and present, and determination and hope. There is an underlying note of optimism and a general feeling that good things are possible.

Conversely, the refusal to see the merits of balance can lead to instability, pessimism and the lack of long-awaited opportunities.

JuneTarot with white sage by Theresa Hutch, published by US Games Systems, Inc.

Card: Ace of Cups

This month is likely to offer new emotional beginnings and the promise of positive connections. It also signals a reminder to approach situations with an open heart.

Keep in mind that the potential for opening up to new emotional attachments can trigger past trauma and hesitation. Appropriate consideration may be warranted.

JulyThe Tarot of Bones by Lupa

Card: Queen of Cups

Balance is likely to be a key part of July, while also exhibiting an abundance of goodwill, generosity, and sharing. It is also likely that there are emotional connotations that lean more towards the positive.

Conversely, the potential for imbalance and destitution can not only be toxic, but can attract more of it as well.

AugustThe divine canine tarot by Zack Loup

Map: Swords Page

The last month of summer can be the most enthusiastic of the year and can carry an almost jubilant air. There is potential for the development of new ideas that reflect the adoption of intellectual activities and studies.

On the other hand, too much enthusiasm can be a bad thing and lead to watching before you jump, trying to do a lot, and neglecting to ask for help.

SeptemberDreams of Gaia Tarot (Pocket Edition) by Ravynne Phelan, published by Blue Angel Publishing

Map: King of the Earth XIV

The energy of the ninth month is likely to be largely that of attendance, with a secondary order of reliability. Success and prosperity are also likely to be closely linked.

Keep in mind that trying to make big changes, slack off in work, or abuse authority may come back and bite your bottom.

OctoberDark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, art by Abigail Larson, published by Llewellyn Publications

Card: Ace of Pentacles

October can offer new possibilities and ideas for prosperity and ways to move forward. The potential exists for a change in vision allowing for a more complete picture.

Conversely, not seeing and accepting new approaches, ignoring omens and signs, and a lack of gratitude can lead to feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

NovemberTarot Santa Muerte: The Book of the Dead by Fabio Listrani, published by Lo Scarabeo

Menu: Nine (9) of Baguettes

The eleventh month is likely to require a full press to be successful. The ability to be strong in the face of adversity and knowing when to cut off what is no longer useful is key.

Be aware that complications and opposition can lead to delays, but staying diligent and true to core values ​​will allow persistence.

DecemberDance in the Black Tarot by Gianfranco Pereno and Lunaea Weatherstone, posted by Lo Scarabeo

Card: Three (3) of Pentacles

The last month of the calendar year is likely to be underlined by cooperation and the importance of what can be created when a community is united. The emphasis is on “hands strengthened by the strength of the soul”.

Keep in mind that while an individual can accomplish a lot, accepting and even encouraging the help and assistance of others can go a long way towards multiple accomplishments.

We wish everyone much peace and many blessings for the coming year.

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