A Catholic charity is concerned that Muslims attack Christian women and go unpunished

When Ms. Sobhy told her it was none of her business, the pharmacist slapped her hard in the face twice. Ms. Sobhy told ACN that the pharmacist knew she was a Christian.

She said that still shaking with fear and shock, she contacted her family, who took her to the police station to report the attack.

“The sheriff called both the mayor of our village and the pharmacist. He confessed to slapping me. However, he lied, saying he was joking with me,” Ms Sobhy told the charity.

At the police station, Ms Sobhy and her family were reportedly pressured to reconcile with her attacker.

“They left me waiting from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. when my son was very ill, refusing to press charges for the assault and pressuring my husband and I to reconcile with the pharmacist. When I insisted to file a report, they threatened to detain me,” she said.

The 30-year-old Christian told ACN that her attempts to seek justice after the assault were thwarted by a manipulative lawyer.

According to Ms Sobhy, the perpetrator’s lawyer manipulated the writing of the police report, claiming that Abu Sa’da is a friend of the family and was merely joking with Ms Sobhy.

“We were shocked when we read the report at the prosecutor’s office. At the police station, they had forced us to sign the report without reading it,” she told ACN.

The charity foundation reported that while Ms Sobhy appealed to the National Council of Women, the Interior Minister and even the Egyptian President to intervene to protect her and other women from such behavior extremist, the case ended with pressure for her and her family to reconcile with the abuser in a customary reconciliation session, which usually results in impunity for the abuser.

“It was a typical shameful reconciliation,” Kamal Sedra, a human rights activist quoted by ACN, said of the case, adding, “This is what usually happens in attacks. sectarians in Egypt. Women don’t have the right to say no. She’s a woman in a society that undervalues ​​women, while Copts are second-class citizens. It was expected that she would be forced into such a customary (concession).

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