3 Reasons to Get Your Small Business Supplies at Costco

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If you own a business, Costco is a great store to turn to.

Key points

  • Many people shop at Costco for household essentials and groceries.
  • Costco is also a great source for small business essentials.
  • Costco stands behind its products and offers a wide variety of choices for business owners.

You may be familiar with Costco from your household purchases. Shoppers typically flock to Costco to stock up on everything from bulk groceries to paper goods to cleaning supplies.

But Costco isn’t just a great option for everyday consumers, it’s also a great source of supplies for small businesses. Here are a few reasons to turn to Costco to stock up on items for your small business.

1. The prices are often unbeatable

The competitive pricing offered by Costco also extends to small business supplies. If you’re used to buying your small business’s products elsewhere, it pays to shop around and see how Costco’s prices stack up. You may find that Costco drives a lower credit card tab.

2. You can choose from a wide range of products

Whatever the nature of your business, chances are Costco has a number of key elements you need to keep it running smoothly. First, Costco stocks an impressive selection of basic office supplies — think things like pens, notebooks, staplers, and more. Costco also offers a line of products that make it easier for teams to collaborate, like whiteboards and easels.

Beyond everyday supplies, you can also turn to Costco for the electronics you need for your business, like computers, computer accessories, printers, and shredders (so you can get rid of secure documents containing sensitive information). You can even buy filing cabinets at Costco if you need a place to store physical documents and/or bills.

3. Costco stands behind its products

Buying a ream of printer paper at Costco (or any other retailer) isn’t really a big risk. But if you’re buying electronics or furniture for your small business, you probably want some sort of guarantee that you’re walking away with quality products.

Luckily, Costco is known for its products, and if you end up with something faulty, the warehouse club giant will usually take it back and refund you or offer you a replacement — no questions asked. Additionally, Costco typically offers extended warranties on electronics such as laptops and monitors for both small business owners and regular consumers purchasing these products for personal use.

Don’t write off Costco for small business supplies

You might be used to visiting Costco every few weeks to stock up on supplies for your household. But you might want to make a list of the small business supplies you’ll need the next time you visit Costco — and see how much you’ll save.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Costco offers a special same-day delivery service for businesses that order items in bulk. So it’s worth looking into this if you’re thinking of buying a lot of Costco products at once. If anything, it could save you a few trips to the store – and save you some much-needed time so you can focus your efforts on running your business.

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