2,500 hoax stimulus checks

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(WJW) – Last week, many American families began receiving child tax credit payments either directly into their bank accounts or in the mail. Along with those real checks, however, came a slew of fake Facebook posts claiming more money was on the way.

Several Facebook posts, shared and viewed by hundreds, said another round of stimulus checks, this time for $ 2,500, had been approved by Congress and people would start seeing them on July 30. While some understood these posts as a joke (a link on a post sent users to a photo of a monkey), others, as the comments showed, may have taken them seriously.

It is important to note that since the launch of the third stimulus check in March, several politicians have called for a fourth round of money for Americans. However, no such thing has been approved at the federal level.

Social media users are encouraged to do their research when scrolling through posts and sharing information.

Learn more about the Child Tax Credit and Extended Unemployment Benefit here.

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