12 Food Indigenous Peoples Changing the Culinary Landscape

Karlos Baca has been at the forefront of the indigenous food sovereignty movement and its connection to wild foods for many years.

Baca is a passionate and skilled forger, seed saver, activist and educator. He is the founder of the Taste of Native Cuisine organization and co-founder of the I-Collective, which describes itself as a “self-sustaining group of Indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, seed and knowledge keepers.” The I-Collective works to create innovation and conversations around food sovereignty and the health of Indigenous communities. They are also creating a cookbook of which Baca is the lead author. It is currently published as multimedia issues under the title “A Gathering Basket”.

Baca is also the founder of 4e World Farms, which focuses on pre-colonial indigenous foods and the re-indigenization of the local ecology.

Although one would think that Baca’s seemingly endless energy would mean he moved fast and spoke even faster, his manner seems calm and intentional, as evidenced by his conversation on The Splendid Table discussing wild native plants. , medications and how they are easily overlooked. or wasted. Baca is thoughtful and measured, as one might imagine he must be when out in nature, moving to the rhythm of the plants he knows so well.

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